Make expense reporting simple! With one-click receipt and expense tracking, all you have to do is take the picture and let the reports tell it all!

What is Expensify?

Founded in 2008, Expensify is one of the fastest growing expense management systems in the world. The easy-to-use mobile and web app automates the entire expense reporting processes from receipt scanning all the way to reimbursing employees with your approval. Customers can be anything from individual freelancers to small and medium sized businesses and enterprises with many and many of employees. Currently, Expensify serves more than six million users all around the world

No more tracking down employees for their expenses, keep it all organized in one central location with an intuitive dashboard and easy to navigate mobile application

What makes Expensify efficient?

You can now spend less time on expense reporting and more time in other areas of business. Employees no longer have to keep and submit receipts at the end of the week, with Expensify, receipts can be be uploaded right away and reimbursed can be issued as needed. Expensify does all of the hard work and transcribes the important financial data so you no longer have to. Can you believe that? There is even an approval process so you are still completely in control. Fully customizable control settings, this neat app saves time and even allows you to stay compliant.

You can check out the savings calculator to see if Expensify is a good fir for you and your business.

What about my accounting software?

Oh and don’t worry, Expensify integrates seamlessly with all major accounting softwares. Meaning that QuickBooks and Xero (and others) have been proven to get along just well with Expensify, and even!

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