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What we Do

Individual & Small Business

Accounting Services

Bookkeeping Management 

Monthly bookkeeping services that give you the view of your business’s past, current and future financial health.

Tax Preparation & Planning

Detailed analysis tax planning to ensure tax efficiency while preparing both individual tax returns and business tax return.

Business Planning & Consulting 

Business Consulting and StartUp Launch designed to provide you with the necessary resources to LAUNCH!

Resources & Calculators

Useful Resources for Financial Management & Forecasting

10 Basics to Small Business Bookkeeping

Simple guide by Your Bookkeeping Experts that is designed to deliver the importance that bookkeeping plays to your small business!



7 Tax Strategies to Implement Today

Implement these 7 tax saving strategies to help you minimize your tax liability through tax credits and deductions.



13 Week Business Cash Flow Forecast

When times get tough, truly understanding your cash flow is one of the key ingredients to long term business success.



Personal Budget Spreadsheet

Create a spending plan for your money to hit your financial goals; whether you are saving up for a house of trying to pay down debt.



The AccounTalk Cast


Relating Accounting to Business for Everyday Entrepreneurs

“Since DRBS has been taking care of my bookkeeping I have a clear understanding of my cash flows and have more time to run my business”

Bassim Mahmoud

Owner, Tenders Chicken LLC

“Excellent work!!! If youre looking for trustworthy work and amazing service, I highly recommend checking them out 10/10″

Thomas Fisher

Owner, Bonsai Marketing LLC

“… helped me with everything… in a timely manner… quick to answer all of my questions… very polite and professional… I felt very comfortable…  I will be using him in the future …”

Julianna Alverio

Individual (Tax Prep)