Federal Income Tax Calculator

Use this estimator to get an idea of your tax scenario.

If you have self employment income, use our Self Employment Tax Calculator to figure out your SE Taxes.

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Fed Income Tax Calculator
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2023 Tax Rate Brackets (Based on Taxable Income)


10% $0-$11,000 ($0-$22,000 MFJ)
12% $11,001-$44,725 ($22,001-$89,450 MFJ)
22% $44,276-$95,375 ($89,451-$190,750 MFJ)
24% $95,376-$182,100 ($190,751-$364,200 MFJ)
32% $182,101-$231,250 ($364,201-$462,500 MFJ)
35% $231,251-$578,125 ($462,501-$693,750 MFJ)
37% $578,126+ ($693,751+ MFJ)

*This is just an estimator to give you an idea of what your tax liability may look like.  Actual results may vary depending on your specific tax scenario.  Consult with YOUR tax professional prior to making any decisions.  This ‘simulator’ does not serve as tax advice from DRBS LLC.