CFO Bookkeeper Service

Forward looking approach to bookkeeping services paired with up-to-date technology.
Experience CFO Bookkeeper today!


Dedicated to our clients success by ensuring we provide the value that they seek.


Reliable to our clients, unlike other accountants, we are here when you need us.


Experts that keep up with current changes to all industries and how business finances may be impacted.

The CFO Bookkeeper Way

One of the most crucial components of any accounting department is accurate bookkeeping.
That is why, all engagements start with bookkeeping to ensure compliance and audit-proof the foundation for our strategic advisory; helping your business thrive.


Our team consists of highly skilled bookkeepers who stay up-to-date with industry changes and financial regulations.


Accurate bookkeeping is the foundation of a healthy financial system. As a result, we ensure all your records are error-free. 


We are dedicated to your success, leading to working tirelessly to provide the value you need.


Unlike other accountants or bookkeepers, we are here when you need us, ensuring your financial data is available when required.

Ready to experience what its like to work with a CFO Bookkeeper?

Basic Bookkeeping

Ideal for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses, including complex Quickbooks Online setup, analysis, and debugging, categorization, and coding of transactions, and monthly account reconciliation.



Advanced Bookkeeping

As you grow, businesses looking to take their bookkeeping to the next level, with additional services such as quarterly tax preparation and end-of-year annual tax preparation.



The CFO Bookkeeper

Suited for small to medium-sized businesses seeking the benefits of an external CFO, including payroll management, handling complex accounting scenarios, and strategic advisory.



Build Your Own Package

Every business has unique needs.”Build Your Own Package” route allows you to customize our services to match your specific needs and desires and easily scale when needed.



Common Questions

What is a bookkeeping system?

Accounting or bookkeeping system is the framework to every business; paired with the right advisor, depicts a picture of how the business is operating financially.

Which accounting solution is right for me?

Whether large or small, self employed, or 100 hundred employees, there is a solution to solve those needs and provide you with the necessary financial data to make business decisions.

What can I expect from a DRBS accounting solution?

Personalized experiencethat is dedicated and reliable to you, so that you can feel at ease and ready to make business decisions on your terms. 

Do I have to be an established company?

Whether you are just starting up your company or have been in business for ten years, an accounting solution or other business solution may fit your needs.

How much should I pay for services?

Each client is different and needs a different package of services to succeed with DRBS. We focus on quality over quantity and our goal is to make your business succeed. 

Only meet with your bookkeeper or accountant once a year?

It might be time for a second opinion… with the changing landscape, having a trusted bookkeeper advisor by your side is crucial to sustainability and growth!

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