Accounting Solutions

Interested in working with us for your monthly accounting, bookkeeping or tax work?


Dedicated to our clients success by ensuring we provide the value that they seek.


Reliable to our clients, unlike other accountants, we are here when you need us.


Experts that keep up with current changes to all industries and how business finances may be impacted.

What makes our Accounting

Solutions Unique?

One of the most important components to any accounting department for a businesses, is accurate bookkeeping.


As Your Bookkeeping Experts, we seek to start all monthly accounting engagments with bookkeeping to ensure we are compliant and creating audit proof books.


Simply, DRBS uses bookkeeping as the root for our strategic advisory!

Tax Services

    • Tax Plan – the lesser of $3,500 or 15% of estimated tax savings 
    • Tax Prep – Tax Preparation (Payroll, Federal, State)

Common Questions


An accounting system is the framework to every business.  I mean, how do you think your company is able to generate income?  It is through an accounts receivable/invoicing solution.  Similar to an accounts payable which helps you pay your vendors.  A strong accounting system paired with the right advisor, depicts a picture of how the business is operating financially by managing the financial activities.

How do I know which accounting solution is right for me?

Whether large or small, self employed, or 100 hundred employees, Feel free to schedule a NO-CHARGE consultation and during these 30 minutes, we can discuss your needs and we can recommend solutions to solve those needs and provide you with the necessary financial data to make business decisions.

What can I expect from a DRBS accounting solution?

A personalized experience, one that is dedicated and reliable to you, so that you can feel at ease and ready to make business decisions on your terms.  With three tiered packages and the option to choose ‘a la carte’ services, the right solution is out there to help you reach your business goals!

Do I have to be an established company?

Absolutely not! Each individual is unique. Whether you are just starting up your company or have been in business for ten years, an accounting solution or other business solution may fit your needs.  The foundation starts by budgeting and a strong financial system and always looking toward what the future holds!

How much should I pay for services?
Each client is different and needs a different package of services to succeed with DRBS. We focus on quality over quantity and our goal is to make your business succeed. Schedule a No-Charge phone call to see what services will best fit your business.